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On this site, you'll learn more about the hobby of metal detecting. You'll find tips and techniques on using metal detectors, coin collecting discussions, a guide on metal detecting, and more. Use the links below to browse this site.

How To Start Finding Treasure With Your Metal Detector

Whether you're absolutely new to metal detecting or have been in the hobby for years, this eBook is bound to teach you many useful tips and tricks.

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Metal Detecting - Coin Hunting or Coin Shooting Hot Spots

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

Bartering - Metal Detector Tool For Building Coin Collections

Beach Gridding - Land And Water Metal Detecting Technique

Twenty Best Metal Detector Coin Finds

Cleaning Coins Found With Metal Detectors

Getting Started Coin Collecting With Your Metal Detector

Basic Accessories For Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting Research - Historical Maps, Photos & Books

Metal Detecting Search Techniques

"Old-Timer" Learns New Metal Detecting Tricks

Can You Be Arrested For Using a Metal Detector In Parks?

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